Aluminum Wheel Cleaner/polish


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I'm looking for suggestions of a product to polish the aluminum wheels on my 2012 Bighorn, even though I wash them regularly they have gotten really lousy looking. The finish is spidered and sort of corroded and I'd like to clean them up and polish them up. I take care of our Bighorn and I definately don't like the way they look which is neglected.
Any suggestions on products would be greatly appreciated. I just returned from the auto parts store and anything they had looks like 20 year old repackaged stuff thats been around for years and is just a run of the mill cleaner or polish. Thanks for your help.
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If they are spidering you have corrosion under the clear coat

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There is no home remedy for filiform corrosion (that's what it's called) that forms under the clear coat on aluminum wheels.

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Consider calling Tredit first, they have a lifetime guarantee on the wheels. If there is a defect, they may replace them.

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Yep, and if you chip the paint mounting the tires........your back at square one. Tredit tire is the 1st place I would go. 2nd would be a price on stripping the wheels and re-powder coating the wheels.