Announcing a new Heartland Highlights Newsletter Editor

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One thing we can always count on is change and our Heartland Highlights founding Editor, Deb Bylinski has decided it is time for a change for her. Thank you, Deb for the superlative job you have done in bringing the HOC newsletter from just an idea to the wonderful publication it is today.

Our new Editor is Erika Dorsey (TravelTiger) and Heartland Owners Club member #1733. Erika has a BS degree in Communication Arts/Design from East Texas State University, and has worked in the graphic design field for nearly 20 years. In 2011, she began her own business to help small businesses and non-profits with their graphic design and printing needs. Erika is just the person needed to take Heartland Highlights into the future.

Erika's first edition of the newsletter will be the 4th Quarter issue.

Please join me in welcoming Erika as Heartland Highlights Editor.

Julie Hancock
Club Manager
Heartland Owners Club


A GREAT BIG THANKS to Deb Bylinski for all your work. You did a wonderful job. :)

A GREAT BIG WELCOME to Erika. I just know you will do a great job. :)

Jim M


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Thank you Deb for being our founding Heartland Highlights Newsletter. You've really done a Great job with it. Erika, welcome to your new position. We are looking forward to working with you.

Terry H

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Congratulations Erika I know will do great with the newsletter.


Texas-South Chapter Leaders
Thank you Deb, you did a great job.

Erika, I know you'll do well. Congratulations!


Founding Utah Chapter Leaders-Retired
Congratulations. Your communication skills have really shined through on this forum.


Past Mississippi Chapter Leader (Founding)
Big thank you to Deb for producing a great newsletter. Congrats Erica, whats the schedule?


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Deb thanks for all your hard work on the news letter and everything else you do for Heartland. Erika congratulations on your appointment. I'm sure you will do a wonderful job.

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Founding Texas-West Chapter Leaders-Retired
Thanks everyone for the well-wishes, I feel honored to take over this position. Deb created a wonderful publication, and I hope to continue that trend!

Tony and I started Rving in 2008 when we stepped inside a NorthTrail 21 FBS and it felt like "home". 2 years later, we super-sized our RV to an ElkRidge 34QSRL, we affectionately call "Mammoth". We've been avid forum contributors, camped in all 4-seasons, in 10 different states (so far), been to local and national rallies, and try to get away as often as we can while both of us are still working. We love to meet new folks, so if you see "the Dorsey's Mammoth" out somewhere, please come by and say hi! Oh, and submit a story for the Newsletter! ;)

As soon as I can look at all the Heartland Highlights materials, I'll be formulating a plan for production of Q4 and will let everyone know.


Flying Dutchman

Virginia Chapter Leaders - Retired
Thanks to Deb for doing such a great job on the newsletter. And a BIG Welcome and congratulations to Erika. Looking forward to future editions, you will do a wonderful job.


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Thank you Deb for your hard work and dedication and we're glad we get to keep you as our NE chapter leader. Erika, welcome and congratulations.


NE Reg Dir Retired
Thank you all for your nice comments. It has been a great experience and I am glad to pass the publication on to Erika! John and I have been so busy with our Northeast Region responsibilities and lately I realized that something had to give. Passing Heartland Highlights on to Erika just made sense for us.

Thanks again and I am so happy (and relieved) that Erika has stepped up. With her experience Heartland Highlights will become a very professional and informative newsletter.

Good Luck Erika!


Retired Oregon HOC
Thanks for all your hard work, Deb. it was always good to "talk" to you when I was late with my stuff. Good luck to Erica. I look forward to seeing your first edition.



Southeast Region Director-Retired
Thanks Deb for being the pioneer of the newsletter and Congratulations to Erika for taking the reins.
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