Any opinions on Sundance Ultra Lite 324BH?

I'm a long time camper and 20-year RV owner. My current camper is a 2015 Forest River Windjammer (V-nose ultralight). It is a 30+ foot camper that has been great for my wife and I, but we'd like to add more flexible space for grandkids and that my wife can use as work-from-home office space as a CPA. The bunkroom with the futons on the Sundance Ultra Lite 324BH appears to be perfect! I tow with a RAM 3500 SRW 4x4, so the size and weight on the 324BH should be fine.

The photos on the fit and finish for the Sundancer look pretty good and I like the feature list. I haven't actually seen one. yet, since I am waiting for the dealership to return my message. In general, is the experience with the Sundance travel trailer line good? Are the issues on PDI (or requiring later warranty repair) any greater than or less than other RV manufactures? For the larger campers, do people tend to use load-equalization and sway control with these ultra lites? I'm using a Reece Straight-Line load distribution/sway control that really helps keep the trailer in the same lane when 18-wheelers pass on a windy day on I-70, I-40, or I-10 going across the Great Plains!

I would appreciate your thoughts. My wife is anxious to close a deal and have a new camper before we take the granddaughter to the Gulf Coast beach in early April. We are also looking forward to the chance to explore the Pacific Northwest as our other daughter and son-in-law just got new jobs near Portland, OR.




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Hi David,

Welcome to the Heartland Owners Forum.

I think our Heartland Director of Customer Interests (and Club President) has a Sundance and is very happy with it.

You might want to download Oregon Camper's Pre-Delivery Inspection Checklist to use as a help when checking out the new trailer.

I expect you'll get some feedback from others shortly.
Hi David,

Welcome to the Heartland Owners Forum.

Thanks for the quick reply. I was glad to see that there is a Heartland Forum for owners. I've been on the fairly active forum for my current/soon to be previous camper manufacturer. We were very happy with that camper, but can't find a model that seems to do as well as the Sundance 324BH for our changed needs in their product lines.