Any recommendations on a truck

My Fiancé and I own a M335 Mallard and have always had someone move it for us when needed. I’m now in the market for a new truck and was thinking about getting one just big enough to tow it myself. Just curious if anyone had recommendations about what would be best for the 9600lbs camper. And best towing setup? Any help would be great if you had experience with this type of camper. Thank you
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Hello Ledfords and welcome!

I have a Sundance travel trailer with a GVWR of 7780 and an actual weight somewhere north of there. I tow with a 2019 F150. The F150 is well suited for this trailer but to do over again, I might go with a 3/4 ton (F250) for more safety margin on cargo and tow capacities.

That said, I do tend to tow slower with this combo than I did with a long, heavy 5th wheel and an F450. With the lighter RV and truck, I tend to be more affected by wind and road conditions and get blown around a bit. So slower is safer for me.

Consider checking out to learn more about what you can safely town with various truck configurations.


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With you trailer weight approaching 10,000 lbs while there are 1/2 ton pickups “capable” on paper I myself would go with a 3/4 ton. Larger brakes and a suspension better suited for that weight. As an insight, I have a brother that tows a trailer very similar to your weight. He uses a Ram 1500 with a hemi. His direct quote is “ the truck has plenty of power but I should have spent the money on a 2500”. Knowing him as I do, that was quite an admission as he still has the first dollar he made so to speak. However I’m sure you will have others chime in.


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I agree with above posts that a properly equipped 1/2 ton could/would be okay, but guessing that a 3/4 ton probly isn't a whole lot more (money wise), you'd be better off going w/ the 3/4 ton again agreeing w/above posts as to why. As our son would say many times: "Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it".


I have a 2020 M335 and I pull with a RAM 2500 Diesel 4x4 LoneStar short bed. I added a set of Timbren Bags to the rear shocks. Probably dont need them but I wanted to minimize squat as much a possible, I also have a R6 Torsion hitch. So far we have pulled it about 9000 miles and the only issue I have had were the cheap tires I had LH-001 Ridgeway ST225/75R15 tires that blew on out last trip to Alabama. Blew 3 tires 1 going and 2 on the way home so I changed all 4.


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Honestly, new trucks are not being made due to a chip shortage and used one, as a result, are flying off the lots at prices never seen before.

I would become good friends with whatever dealer you prefer and see if he could help.

An example, our 2015 F450 Platinum is worth far more than we ever dreamed possible. But we can’t replace it.