Any solutions for the cushions for the dinette?

We are more than satisfied with our MPG but two reoccurring problems are storing the two corner cushions and the two that go over the folded table are way to soft for sleeping on. We've put the two corner cushions in the bathroom but when you've got to use the bathroom in the middle night its a real pain pulling them out. Especially when your half dazed and don't wanna wake up your wife or 6 year old. If anyone has done any kind of modifications or replacements we would love to know about them. Thanks


We put the cushions in large plastic leaf bags and set them in the back of our truck at night. We used a Queen size Areo Bed (inflateable matress with built in electric pump) instead of the cushions and it worked great. Putting the sheets on the matress was a little difficult because the matress when inflated was really tight in the space where the cushions normally fit.


I'm installing a cargo net above the table/bed to put the cushions in when off the bed out of the way and the cargo net matches the one under the entertainment center so it does not look too bad just hanging there. it has hooks so it's easy to take off and store. As far as extra padding, we have tried a couple different things which work well, first, you can get memery foam rolls from good camping stores that rolls up the size of a sleeping bag and is quite cumfy and a standard sheet fits well. my fav is still a feather pillow topper, sheets dont fit though.


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We have wrestled with the same issue. We have been storing them in the TV to get them out of the way. Ultimately we have just decided to leave them at home. Pillows, blankets, etc are sufficient for us as a fill in when in the seating arrangement. The corner cushions only perform that one specific function, so out they go.......


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During our 6 week jaunt last summer we wrestled with the same problem about the corner cushions. We stored them behind the entertainment center on the bottom bunk because we only used the bunks for storage. We use sleeping pads and sleeping bags - much easier than making a bed every night and the pads are compact when deflated - and found that tucking them into the cushionless corners was a perfect solution. Now we don't even take the corner cushions with us.


....and I thought my MPG was the only one with the cushion problem. After setting up the table for the bed, we store the corner cushions underneath the bed. You might look for the pics with some other post I have made here on the forum. :)