Anybody have advice for filing a damage claim?


We live in a 2015 HG 3650BH. Freezing temps here on Jan 4th led to a flooding situation in the girls bathroom that resulted in pooled water all over the bathroom floor, kids bedroom floor, thru and under wall and cabinets to kitchen and dining area. Found the water early next morning. Used wet/dry vac and towels to clean up water as best I could. But can tell the water absorbed into plywood underneath the carpet as well as under laminate floor. Insurance claim adjuster comes tomorrow. I have no idea what happens next. I’m guessing I’ll need to get a repair cost estimate and that the insurance company may either decide to fix it or count it as a total loss due to potentially way too expensive of a job vs. value of camper. And thoughts or advice would be appreciated!


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Sorry to hear about your flood. The adjuster will likely ask you to take it to an RV dealer or RV service center for a repair estimate. Maybe even more than one place.


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That bathroom always gets cold in ours too. You might want to check your lines to the camp kitchen as well as they are exposed through the frame.


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Sorry to hear about the damage to your home. Try to find an independent repair center that is sympathetic to the fact that this is your home. I dropped mine to be repaired and it took months. Thankfully I don't live in it full time. Between scheduling the repair and ordering and receiving parts. See if you can drop the RV for the day for a repair estimate and then keep it to live in until the work is ready. That would minimize the amount of time you are out of the RV. Also, be aware the first damage estimate by the insurance company is always significantly less than what the actual repair costs will be. I believe insurance companies expect this. My estimate was $3700.00 by the insurance adjuster, actual costs was over $10,000. A second claim was filed and all was paid with no out of pocket except for my deductible.