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My Apollo Half time oven just quit. It worked last night just fine, but this morning nothing. When you open the door the display goes black and the light bulb is unlit. After about 10-20 seconds the display comes back on, and the light blub is lit (although dim). However when you try to run either the microwave or the half-time oven, nothing happens. When I push the start button you can hear something clicking. After 2 or 3 times of pushing start in the microwave setting, the display will start counting down the time, but no cooking occurs. Can someone tell me what to try (I've already tried unplugging for a time and then replugging it in.) or who to contact it to fix it?


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I would suggest you contact,
Midwest Sales (Apollo Half-Time) 800-772-7262.

Lets us know what you find.

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Already contacted MidWest. They told me Apollo is no longer made and also that they can't get any parts. They suggested I replace it with a Sharp Model R820BK. Searched the internet for it and every place it is listed states on backorder with no idea when available. Spoke to someone from Apollo and they said might be control panel issue. However that part is not available for several weeks til they get more from their overseas factory. He also said they would sell me a new one for $399. Not sure if I want a new one if this one died after using for such a short time. Heartland rep said the same thing as Midwest, no longer available and just try and find something to fit the opening. Does anyone have a suggestion for a replacement oven to fit in that space or a method to fix the old one?


Yes I saw it on Amazon. However no one seems to have the trim kit that goes with it to make it fit in the spot above the stove. I spoke to Sharp and they told me the trim kit was out of stock and when in stock costs $150.25.


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I am guessing that you just are having problems with sticking microswitches in the door latch mechanism. Do you have any independent microwave repairers in your area? I took my Apollo to mine, and they diagnosed the problem, although I paid their minimum charge and did the repair myself, as I am a retired electronics technician.

Unfortunately, with skilled labor rates what they are, you can expect to pay $100 or more for the repair.

Edit/Update: On a paralell thread it was posted that an independent repairer wouldn't work on these Apollo halftimes because they are out of production. All I can say is that about 85% of the parts in a microwave are GENERIC. Magnetrons, HV transformers, microswitches, glass plates, etc. can all be found on the internet by description/part number printed on the part.
I replaced my defective plate rotator motor by using a Google search including the RPM spec printed on the motor. It cost me about $5.
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You might reference my thread about replacement. I talked to Mike at Apollo Halftime Ovens www.halftimeovens.com 1-800-330-9707, after finding out no support from Midwest Sales.
Also, I noticed the oven from Amazon was a counter top and not a built in. The temp in the cabinet might get too hot (I have heard of 200 degrees)
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Thanks everyone for your help. I spoke with Mike and Kelly the other day from Apollo. Both have been very helpful. After voicing my concern to Mike about spending the money to buy a new oven when the last didn't last very long, he offered to give me a 3 year replacement warranty with a new purchase. I have decided to go that way. I really did love the last one and after only a few days of standing on my head to light the gas oven, I am ready to have my Apollo back. Again thanks for everyone's help.