Ariston AS66VX Dryer Question


We have used the new Ariston stackable dryer since 6/20/08 almost daily. The lint trap is cleaned after every load. Today, while drying only two items (one a lap blanket used by one of our cats and the other was a towel - also the cat's). When the drying cycle was nearing completion, the dryer started making a weird sound -like something rubbing is the best description I can give.

I have washed our king sheets and dried them with no problem. Anyone else have a sound problem from their Ariston dryer? The outside vent is not blocked and the air intake vent appears to be clear.

We have to take the Augusta back for completion of refrigerator repair next week so can have a tech look at it but wanted to know if possibly someone else had the same experience and what was the solution for you.:confused:


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I have the same units you do and have used them maybe for 10 loads. No trouble yet. Check into this with HL or Ariston before your service appointment as there may be something that can be ordered and have ready when you come in for the refer repair.



Thank you 'Mr. Beletti' ;)

I will certainly make the calls on Monday. Maybe it is just protesting all the use I have been giving it!

Have a great weekend, Jim.




Ran a load of laundry this morning and put it in the dryer - sound of yesterday was not heard.

We think the washer may not have had the spin rate set high enough to get extra moisture out of the lap blanket. The dryer then had to work harder to get the blanket dry plus filter the cat hair. During the drying yesterday, we did an extra cleaning of the filter and were able to complete the drying cycle without excess noise.

I am going to wash and dry the filter after every load (per book instructions), not simply pull the collected fuzz off. I know we have certain items that produce a greater amount of fuzz material and will be more vigilant in the future about making an extra cleaning of the filter when drying those items.

I will give the dryer a few more test runs before I make the HL/Ariston calls. Hoping it was just a fluke and not a real problem.:rolleyes:


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Just a you, by chance, use dryer sheets (Bounce and the like) in your dryer?

The residue from these sheets clog up a full size household dryer vent pretty quickly. Has anyone seen the Fire Safety video where a dryer vent is thought to be clean and then is filled with water to prove that the screen is actually clogged? I can imagine that it wouldn't take much to clog the smaller RV dryer vent; that coupled with the added pet hair.

We used a small Italian washer/dryer combo (similar to the Splendide) while stationed in Italy and had to cut the sheets in half and quarters. The Italians don't waste money on dryer sheets so I reckon the manufacturers never thought it would be a problem.

Another example of American opulence!



No, I don't use the dryer sheets. Using a tiny bit of Downey in the washer is sufficient for our needs. Didn't want to mess up the new dryer now that I have w/d separated. Thanks for asking.



Kudos to Laura, service manager with Bayou Outdoor RV Service Center, Bossier City, LA. She tracked down a contact number with Splendide:

800-356-0766, Ext. 15 (ask for San)

Laura advised us to look on the inside of the door itself to make sure all screws are present where there looks like a screw should be in a hole. It seems that several Ariston dryers came off the assembly line with some screws missing.

We checked the door of our dryer and all screws are there but the screw at the top of the door was loose. Hopefully, the tightening will take care of the noise we heard (sounds like when someone blows paper through the lips - best description I can think of). If this doesn't work, we may have to order a new door.

Laura is a wonderful take-charge manager who goes the extra mile to help out customers.