ATF: Cyclone - 4114 kitchen island


there is a panel that is held on with screws on the kitchen island by the door to the garage that appears to have been put on to cover damage. dealer tried to tell me that this is access panel, but there is nothing to access behind it. not even close to drains or water. this is a new unit and I have found out it was vandalized on dealers lot and they made repairs, so I think this was done by them.


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Hi vick1634,

If it's not the way the factory built it, I would think the dealer should be able to order a replacement piece of wood for the side of the island. Probably not very expensive.

Can you try posting a picture that shows the panel so other owners can tell you if they have something similar.
I have the same crappy looking panel, at the time my kid was watching a movie and the subwoofer was rattling the island to the point that I was embarrassed I had paid so much for the trailer.Then I saw this panel and figured since I had screwdriver in my hand from rescrewing table mounts down and moving the love seat five inches back to the wall so the hide a bed could unfold I would take panel off and access the subwoofer and unplug it I ha to laugh when it was just the inside of a cupboard on other side, no speaker not sure how to access that.
We have a 2014 4114 and yes the panel with exposed screws makes you wonder, we have it to! I don't know if your unit was vandalized or not sorry to hear that. We brought this panel with exposed screw heads up to the factory and it is just the way this unit comes off the line. One nice thing about the 2014 is they have a full size counter top compared to the smaller counter space of the similar 2015 units!