ATF: Edge - Side bottom trim crease repair


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I rubbed against a tow dolly tire when parking my Edge and created about a 3' long crease in the decorative plastic trim on the side of my Edge M21 that is below the wall. s I did not break it or crack it just put about a crease down it . Can you tell me waht kind of plastic that decorative plastic trim that hides the frame rails is? I am wondering if I can use a heat gun to warm it and partially work the crease out. There does not seem to be any surface paint on the trim.
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I am not sure exactly which trim you are talking about, but if it is the one that slides into an aluminum rail, you can purchase that at any RV parts department.
I have also seen the white plastic trim at Walmart.
Can you post a picture?



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I got my Edge out of storage today and here is a photo of the "oops" that happened last weekend when I returned to the storage lot ...
The plastic is not a flat piece it was formed by Heartland with a decorative detail and at the bottom is folded in 90 degress to make it stiffer.

I mainly want advice on if the heating the plastic up with a heat gun and using a plastic body tool to try to form it back to the original shape is likely to help or will I just make things worse ?



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Might make it worse. Plastic can become tooo soft if heated and stretch. I suppose you could try, but be careful on how hot you get it. I would get a wooden roller of some kind and a piece of wood like say a 1"X4" piece of pine. Make it fit behind the "dent". Clamp it in place. On low heat, use the roller and slowly start applying pressure to the "dented" area.


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After you try the heat can call Heartland parts and order new one. Mention you are a member of the Heartland Owners Club and you will get a 10% discount..Probably not that expensive..Don


I drilled a hole thru my M21 skirt so I could get the crank on the spare tire shaft to lower the spare ,the skirt is metal.


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> the skirt is metal.

I believe you. I tried applying heat and it made no difference in the ability to return the skirt to its orignal shape so it being metal makes sense. I ended up working out the crease by hand the metal is thin enough I could work it back out with hand held body tool and wood shaping tool. Looks better then before. Thanks.


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This is a start I think I can do better if I work at it some more...
But its better than before... I am not going to replace the piece, when I look at it - it will remind me to think about what I am doing when towing !