ATF: ElkRidge - Waste water valve adjustments


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The valves on the waste water tanks(both grey and black) were giving me problems dealer said he adjusted them but they have never worked correctly. How do we adjust them to completely close and not leak. Black water is about 1/4 to 1/8 open when pull stem is closed?


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Put an additional spin on valve on the end of your sewer pipe as a backup. I did this after I got a surprise when I removed the cap to hook up my hose. Have never taken it off. This should be standard equipment....Don


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Hi Rddocat,

If you mean that the pull handle doesn't go all the way in when closing the valve, that doesn't necessarily mean the valve isn't closed.

If you mean that water runs out the sewer outlet when the handle is closed as much as possible, there may be something at the valve preventing it from closing.

What were the problems you've been having?


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Here's a question: Does the factory cut and fit the valve cable assemblies or do they get them preassembled and sized for specific models? Or is it one size fits all?

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Don and Kathy, Yes I got the same surprise and have taken that step with the secondary valve. My thinking is that it should work properly. I did use some vegatable oil whihc help openand closing the valves but the valve is not closing all the way . Yes the pull/push handel is closied all the way. I need to know how to adjust the open close valve


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Good question. On the elkridge the release and close valves are in the enclosed water area. I can see no adjustments on the underneath of the coach or the side of the storage compartment. The storage compartment would allow you some way of getting to the holding tanks but the undercarriage is covered by the membrane


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To access the valves, you most likely will have to drop that membrane, Coroplast.
I doubt that you would be able to get to them from the storage compartment.



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The only adjustment that I am aware of is on the valve itself. The adjustment is to loosen the cable clamp on the inner cable and reposition. There needs to be a little play, on the handle end, when the valve is fully closed. If you have this play now, (sounds like it ) then something is clogging the valve.