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New owner of a 2015 Prowler 29PRKS. Love the unit but have become "acquainted" with a couple of problems concerning the front waste discharge outlet for both grey and black water.

1. The discharge extension rods leading from inside the sealed trailer bottom were only finger tight where they threaded onto the hidden valves actual rod section. When I went in for the first dump, I found of the two, the rear rod missing, and the front rod holding on by a couple of threads. Had to crawl under trailer to use the one remaining rod to dump both tanks, screwing and unscrewing as I went. Needless to say crawling on the dump area pavement is a wonderful event one should avoid, even on the best days. I woulds strongly suggest a Lock Tite BLUE type of thread sealant be used as it will keep rods in place yet allow removal if service is needed. I have replaced the missing rod, and found that OEM and aftermarket handles are to delicate to use in tightening the rods in place, the wings fracture easily.

2. It appears that the discharge labels are reversed on the trailer side, (see photo), as it shows the
Waste tank being the rear one, and the Grey #1 as the front. When I put a clear section of drain hose attachment on this last week while dumping after camping to check for complete discharge of the black tank while flushing, I found that what is labeled as the waste tank is actually the rod for Grey water and the front label "Grey #1" is actually the BLACK. i was lucky that the use of the black tank hose flush function had not overflowed into the coach body as I was using it previously.


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On our Prowler P292 the black tank is on the left and the gray tank the right handle.

In our case it is labeled correctly.

First thing I did when we got our Prowler last May was to tighten those rod handles as we lost them on our previous Heartland trailer (2013 Trail Runner 22RK) on our first trip out and had to do the same thing you did.

I also put one of these on the Prowler for extra protection (learned the hard way with the Trail Runner):


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This was brought to the attention of the Prowler plant and has now ben corrected going forward. Heres a quote from the Prowler team:

We have corrected our labeling system by distributing lable charts so that this does not happen again. Also, we started using the lock tight a few months ago to help prevent the handles from coming off so easily.

Thanks for reaching out. Should you need anything, please don't hestiate to call Customer Service at 877-262-8032.