ATF: Road Warrior - screen door

I purchased this 2015 355rw and am trying to get a screen door for my front main door and no one has any answers for me.
My Bighorn had a screen when I traded it in at camping world they told me it would not fit and didn't give me any more detail how to get one for this RW


Hi onetexasoldman,

I suggest you call Heartland Customer Service, 574-262-8030 or 877-262-8032, have your VIN when you call.
They may be able to help you.

Jim M


I am looking for one also. I called heartland and they said to get the V number from the door. Lippert will send you a screen door but the catch is you have to buy the main door and the screen door ...i was told it is $1000. If you want the decals on the door it is more. Also, they will only work with a dealer. I hope this helps you. I'm now trying to figure out a way to make a screen door.