Awning lights not working


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Awning lights not working [SOLVED]

I contacted Carefree Awnings who made my awning. Told them my problem and they sent me a replacement light strip even though mine was out of warranty. When I removed my bad strip I discovered why it failed. At every splice (appx 2') there was corrosion. At the connector end there was corrosion and a small hole in the strip. The new strip was labelled IP65 waterproof. I hope it really is. The install was very easy. Carefree sent me written instructions also. Good customer service I would say.

On my 2018 Road Warrior 426 some of the led lights on the forward awning are not working. About 2/3 are out. I'm wondering if replacing them is a DIY project? Has anyone here done it? Also, if 1/3 of the lights work how would I test for bad lights versus bad connection? Any help will be appreciated.

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Your lights, are they a LED rope type? If so there have been a lot of threads here where those just flame out, and have to be replaced.


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I am not sure. Never had to replace mine yet. Many of those rope light kits use double sided tape to adhere the light strip to the coach. Seen from some threads here, that some of the LED's went bad and shorted and burned holes in the fiberglass siding on the RV, so be aware.


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Haven't replaced mine yet but I did remove it. It shorted out and burned a pencil eraser size hole in my awning. It just unplugs and I suppose you won’t need a rocket scientist to help you install the new one. Lol


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Replacing is easy to do.

Extend the awning out
You should find the electrical connections at the upper right top and pull it out and diconnect
Remove the rubber stopper (mine had) or screw that allows the strip to slide out
Remove the rubber stopper at the left end of the track
Two people make it easier to install the new strip, but one can do it alone, I did. Just take your time
If trimming the length is necessary, push the new strip in and cut where marked at the left end
Put the rubber stops back in
Reconnect the power wires

I replaced once with one that was supplied from Heartland and it too burned out. So I purchased a cheaper one on ebay and it never failed. Good luck, but it is an easy job.


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Anyone who's replaced their awning mounted LED tape lights purchased these? If so, do you have an on-line source. I'll try Heartland parts but want to know my options.



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