Awning sagging


Hello I have a 2019 Bighorn traveller 39MB. My question is in regards to the awning. I had it at the dealer to get repaired and the dealer is telling me there is nothing they can do. My issue is when the awning is out, the sides are very loose, drooping almost. The are not taught, as they were when I first got the awning. Both sides hang down roughly 1". The dealer changed the awning motor and checked tension and again, they say they cannot do anything with it. Anyone run into this. Recomendations for repairs. Or can you recommend a replacement awning fabric that may be better quality that the one I have now so it may stay tight. It looks very shabby the way it is. Thanks for any assistance



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I had mine fixed by a RV mobile awning service. Some RV parks advertise local RV businesses like the Oasis in Los Vegas. That is how I found one. My sister was told by three RV repair facilities that her awning motor was frozen and could not be repaired. Months later she saw a mobile guy working on an awning in the park she was staying in. She asked him if he would look at hers. He did and came back the next day with the broken part and fixed it. Less than $200. So I really recommend to get a mobile awning service to look at yours.


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Last year, there was a hail storm at the North American Rally in Goshen. Several people had to replace awnings. Maybe one of them can comment on whether there's a tension consideration during installation.


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I was one of the people that replaced a hail damaged awning at the rally.
I don't have your problem but one that's very similar, mine sags in the middle, always has.
Upon close examination I discovered that the channel that's attached to the wall is not straight but has a dip in the center.
Your channel may be dipping on the ends.
Get up on a ladder and look along it from one side. If it dips at ends you found your problem.