Backup camera prep

The brochure for my new trail runner says it comes with a backup camera prep. What would that look like and where would I find it? I'm not sure that mine actually came with it, but maybe it did and I just didn't see it. Thanks for the help!

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Based on my research it would have wiring and possibly a bracket to the back end for a particular model camera. Also based on what I read it would be powered on with the running lughts

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I have a new Trail Runner too. The camera will be mounted in the rear end of your trailer near the top of it. There is a mounting bracket there and when you remove the cover plate the power wire will be behind it. It is powered off the running lights of your trailer so in order for the camera to get power your rig much be plugged in to your tow vehicle and you must turn on the lights of your tow vehicle. My truck has daytime running lights so all I do is turn on my parking lights and I get power to the camera. Installation is easy breezy and take maybe 10 minutes. I'll be happy to answer any questions you might have. BTW, my trailer is 33ft long and I would occasionally lose the signal from the camera. Thanks to others that post here I found out about a booster antenna that I purchased from Amazon for about $10 and now I don't lose signal anymore!
Thanks for the input. I will check for it tonight. I don't think mine came with it though.. haven't seen anything that resembles this.

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oh, that would be cool. good thought! thanks!

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Here's a pic of mine.

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