Big Country 3560ss tank level and light control panel

We own a 2018 Big Country 3560ss. I have a rocker switch that controls the outdoor porch light and needs to be replaced.
First, I can’t find the panel or switch anywhere on line. Second, trying to get information whether I can pop the switch out from the front of the panel or if I will have to remove the 6 screws and pull the entire panel out to replace the switch once I have been able to locate a new switch.


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You should probably pull the panel to change the switch. You will need to depress two or four tabs to remove.
You could try removal from the front but why risk damaging the panel.
Try calling Heartland for the parts. 877-262-8030



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If that is a 12VDC switch, since it is for lights, it probably is, you may be able to find one at an auto parts place like NAPA or AutoZone, etc...
But check to see if it is 12VDC switch. Before removing photos of the wiring hookups, I forgot one time to take photos, and it took some time to figure out the wiring


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I have added some switches, LED lights and even a DVM to our panel. You will be surprised how many wires are attached to the back side of that panel. Its mind boggling. No big deal to just un-screw it and pull it off. On our the points where the screws were, was totally un-supported. I added some strips of hardwood, with epoxy to the back side of the wood panel while I was at it.