Bighorn 3575el ac leaking inside

I have a 2017 bighorn 3575el with 2 dometic NXT a/c units. My bedroom unit is leaking inside the ceiling when it defrost. I can fix the problem but my a/c units do not come through the ceiling they have 4 large bolts that go through each side of the drain pan into the roof beams. The only return air is through 2 small vents in the bedroom. Is anyone else rv built like this? I have just never seen an a/c unit that didnt come through the ceiling. Thanks for any help


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Not the same a/c unit, but years ago I had an a/c that was dripping inside. The problem was the drain in the a/c was clogged. Normally the water, with a clean drain, directs the water to the roof.


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That particular AC had issues with not proper drainage from the support pan. There is a fix by drilling holes in the pan in specific locations. It could also be that the sealing gasket just needs to be snugged to the roof by tightening the mounting screws. The AC system on your unit is called "Whisper Quiet" and does not come thru the ceiling like the older ones did.