Bighorn Silverado


I am looking to purchase a new fifthwheel and its between the Silverado SV 37 QB and the Sierra 365 SQB. Knowing the Silverado is a new model was wondering if there is anybody with some info on this model both positive or negative. Really like the Sierra, but I have also had the oppurtunity to go in one. Can't say the same about the Silverado. Any input would be appreciated...


Hi mcahill,

Welcome to the Heartland Owners Forum and family. We have a great bunch of people here with lots of information and all willing to share their knowledge if needed.

I think you will really like the new unit when you get to see one. You might call Heartland Customer service and they could tell you the closest dealer to you that has one now.

Enjoy the forum.

Jim M


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My oh my, it just hit me reading your post how many of these coach names are the same ones used for trucks.

Big Horn (Ram)
Sierra (GMC)

To your point, I've been in a Silverado (the RV) and they are nice. Many of the Big Horn construction benefits, at a more affordable price. I don't know how they compare to Sierra (the RV, not the truck), but I do know that Heartland's customer service is better, and I can even say that without the benefit of comparing the Sierra firsthand. Heartland is awesome to work with!


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Nothing really "new" about a Bighorn Silverado. It's a basic Bighorn without a lot of the goodies that come standard. In my opinion it probably compares closely to a Elk Ridge.


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As an ElkRidge owner, I look at the Bighorn Silverado and do not really see an upgrade from what I have. Many of the nicer Big Horn features simply aren't there in the Silverado. I don't know what the price-points would be, but if you'll look at the bigger ElkRidge floorplans, you'll find many of the same features as the Silverado. The decors may even be similar, so it could come down to what feels like home to you.

We look at the RV shows (two a year, here in DFW area), and haven't seen anything else in this class that beats our ElkRidge, even if we've liked some of the other floorplans (like the Sierra). Consider the factory/consumer relationship carefully! Heartland does work closely with owners to resolve any issues.

Good luck in your quest!



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I could be mistaken, and don't have time to check right this second, but I believe with the Silverado being produced on the Big Horn production line, you will have the higher R-value of the Big Horn, laminated roof, etc, not found in the Elkridge/Sundance production.