Bike rack


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Just wondering if any Gateway owners that have the spare tire mounted on the rear bumper, have also mounted a bike rack? I don't see any other way to hang two full size bikes back there without relocating the spare tire to under the trailer. Wonder why Heartland didn't mount the tire underneath like almost all of the line?


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In my opinion my bumper isn't attached strongly enough to put a bike rack on it.

Heartland started putting the spare underneath later in 2014. Ours is mounted on the rear bumper.

Just a heads up. Keep a watch on the mounting welds for the spare bracket. The plate that U bolts onto our bumper tore the welds at the bracket that tire mounts to. Had a friend take off the old thin metal and weld on a solid steel plate to the tire bracket. The plate doesn't bend when you tighten the u bolts anymore.


What about removing the spare tire and replacing with a swagman bumper mount bike rack. The bike rack and bikes probably weight less then the spare tire? Do you think the bumper will hold just the bike rack and bikes and NO spare tire?


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My spare isn't on the bumper so I mounted a bike rack there. I have had no issues with carrying two bikes back there.