Buildout garage

I have a Road Warrior 391. It will be placed ‘stationary’ on our property. Plans for a large carport with lean-to shed on one side and a large covered lanai running the entire length on the other side. My question is, should I compensate space for open slides and extra space? Or, frame close (snug) to the open slides? I’d appreciate all suggestions. Mahalo


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Leave space for the slides to be covered as well. My buddy has this set up and I will doing the same as soon as I purchase property. More space than that may be preferable, depending on what you want to keep out of the sun or somewhat dry.


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Do you want to move the rig any time you need to open a slide to get to something? I'm in ours frequently while it's in storage and may open any or all slides. It'd also be handy to be able to walk around while slides are open.