Camping World Katy TX RV issue resolved with a good ending


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My issue with the hole in the front cap has been resolved at Camping World. The General Manager (Erik) stepped up and said they will cover the fiber glass repair. I agreed to cover the window that was shattered in the main slide out.

I just hope my issue has not scared anybody off from using a dealer or Camping World to repair their RV. My main goal is just to make people aware of their RV's overall condition before and after it goes in for service. Whether the hole in my front cap happen with the guilty party knowing it or not. It would have been a much easier experience if I would have noticed it before leaving with the RV after the completed service.

IF anybody has any negative dealing with the Katy TX CW store, speak to Erik (General Manger for that store). Give him the chance to resolve it.


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Glad to hear everything worked out for you - it pays to keep working your way up the management ladder appealing to their fairness in the matter and sometimes doing what you did, give a little to get a little or a lot .


South Central Region Director, HOC
Glad to hear it all worked out for you. I had a bad experience there a few years ago and haven't been back but I may reconsider ging back there.