Cheap Dash cams......


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So I purchased a cam for $40 at a boxing day sale....LINKIT is the brand on the box
I cannot find it online by that name but there are many of the same looking cams out there with a different name on them lol (identical in look and specs)
It seems to do the job well and records decent videos in daylight and acceptable video at night (not the best but infra red works)

The only issue I have encountered so far is the unit locks up and will not record any longer until I re-format the 32 gig memory card on occasion.
I believe this is a result of the automatic locking of recorded files and it fills the card up not allowing it to over write the oldest files
I have a hunch this is the result of using it while at work in a HWY plow truck gets jostled enough to trigger the file lock feature triggered on impact of an accident that keeps the unit from over writing the file

Anyone else have a cheap dash cam and how does/did it work out for you?


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There is another thread on dash cams, and it has migrated to discussion on the costlier, premier ones. I believe it to be cheap insurance to have a better quality one (HD and good sensor) in case its needed in a insurance/enforcement action. I decided the WIFI is a must for me.

Here is a link that I found that reviews a few others that are $100 or so. Plus talks about features must have/needed/etc.

I just bought the Blackvue 650 2CH (front and rear camera) from There are a few others on web page as well. Again for me the WIFI, small form factor was what I wanted.

Hope this helps.


EDIT - Doh! I should have seen that you posted this in the dash cam forum, and it is only the second thread started..... Of course you have seen the other thread. Apologies - just on my first cup of coffee.

I used this web page for some good information on cheaper dash cams, plus the more costly ones as well. It does review a commercial grade - dust/water proof, impact resistant etc.
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Have two "black box"cams that I bought on Amazon last year one for work and one for personal car. They seem to work pretty well at the instructions were not real good but you can find better ones online