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If we were to buy another new one, **1st of all..DH would want a king size bed, but it would have to be one that I can walk around easily to make the bed.

**I would have all special ordered window treatments instead of the ones that they put in.

**The sofa would have to fit by back window, the chairs would have to be wall huggers.

**shower would have to be bigger than the one we have..

So with all this, I suppose that I will have to be happy with the one that we have.



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LOL, we have this discussion all the time! "The NEXT 5VER WILL HAVE __________" followed by, "WHEN WE WIN THE LOTTERY!"


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I too am happy with my Landmark purchase. However that new ducted A/C system sure would be a gotta have in the next one! And don't forget those new full body paint jobs.


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I agree with the a/c but for the extra cost of the full body paint, i will be really happy with what i have. To us it is just not worth it... That extra money that it cost can buy alot of other toys..


I am a potential buyer, and after I decide of features I look for an honest an honest and reputable dealer manufacturer that understands customer service while standing behind its product. Then I look at engineering and detail in construction and service. I am willing to pay for what I want.... because it is a long term commitment by me.


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My husband and I recently decided to upgrade from our 1987 (yes, I said 1987) trailer and made a list of "requirements" and "wishes." His first requirement was a recliner ;) and mine was a king sized bed (we have two large dogs that sleep with us.) I guess the overwhelming theme would be comfort. And of course quality. We don't tow our trailer - it's parked at a permanent seasonal site, so we were looking for something sturdy and long lasting. We also needed it to fit in the setup of our current site - so the layout was very important to us. I really wanted a front kitchen/living area, and back bedroom. Also not too much room for guests - I hate to say it, but I go camping to relax, not to be a hostess! We purchased (and LOVE) a Heartland Sundance 3200FK TT last October. It has everything we wanted from both lists! Now it seems like there are only Sundance 5th wheels - what happened to the Sundance travel trailers?


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What I would look for? Jalousie windows for good air circulation. That would be a must. A TT high enough off the ground not to drag constantly - another must. A heated underbelly for cold weather camping would be nice but not necessary. Cabinets and floor both level. All windows can be opened by average height woman. At least one slide. Windows not smoked/darkened so the TT is nice and bright. A bathroom faucet you can get your hands under. A TT with some color other than browns and grays would be great. A TT with comfortable cushions of decent quality in the dinette. If the day comes to replace the BRS, I will probably look to the older TTs that flood the market where I live each spring. Many of those older units have what you can no longer get today in a TT. And of course you can get things today the older units don't have. But is sure is cheaper to add a DVD player and TV then reverse axles, replace windows etc. :eek:

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I'm six foot tall so all cabinets must be high and no cabinets above the sink so I don't hit my head while doing dishes.

Storage in the bathroom for the towels. Room in the back for the sofa and wall-away recliners.

Most important is the steps to the bedroom have to be on the none door side. There is nothing worse than having a wet throw rug in front of the door because it's raining outside and stepping in the wet on your way to bed.

If our sofa would fit in the back of our current RV so I didn't have to move it each time we set up, it would be perfect.


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Look at the 3855FL. Has a lot of what you guys are looking for. DW and I purchased on last week at he Gillette Rally. Room around the bed and it's in the rear of the couch so you don't have the door issue. The cabinets are tall and I don't hit my head. You do have to give up some counter space.

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Rex, you probably shouldn't get the oil changed in your truck for awhile. You never know what can happen at those dealerships!

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