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:rolleyes:There are two classes of travel... FIRST CLASS and with kids!:rolleyes: That being said, when we were younger and our kids were really kids (oldest is 49, youngest is 38) we used to camp in tents. Daddy did the driving, Mommy did the cooking, and the kids (all 5 of them) would set up/break down the tent and campsite. This worked well.

Now we are retired and all the kids have their own camping preferences, and it really works well. Daddy drives and does the outside set up, Mommy does most of the inside set up, and the kids stop by from their campsite to visit when THEY get themselves set up. Works great.


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Our kids always tell us that we dont camp and we always tell them we dont have to camp, we RV and no kids allowed. :eek: I do the inside while hubby does the outside. Hubby BBQ's while I fix the rest of the meal inside. We both do dishes and who ever is up first gets the coffee going, and let's the dogs out. Hubby is the one that empties the tanks and takes care of all the mechanical stuff while I take care of the inside duties. It works for us :angel:
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It seems the same plan in my family. Both when I was a child and now as a father. Dad drives and sets up (less work with a TT instead of a pop up) and mum handles the inside stuff. Dad runs the grill or griddle while mum preps everything. My older sister outgrew camping before I did so I hope my boys won't get tired of it. I figure we have a half dozen years or so at least so the timing of a newer/bigger trailer was right. If they outgrow it that'll be the right time to look at a couples model and get to know the DW all over again.

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Tent camping until Daughter left home. We all helped putting up the tent. (Custom made, designed by my Mother who lead groups back packing in the Olympic Mountains, and taught Family Camping with my Father.) DW did most of the cooking. Then went to a pop-up and DW and I shared driving and set up and she did most of the cooking. Now with the TT we still share driving. I do most of the outside stuff and she does most of the inside stuff but we both cook. I do the outside and some of the inside. Working on our 25 year of camping with a TT. Seems to work for us!


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Tented for years when the kids were young each summer for 3-4 weeks on Cape Cod, Ma. That came to an end when I was thrown off my horse and injured my back. After a few years of no camping I bought our first trailer, a 24 ft (sob) tag along. Had that unit for 8 years before my DW passed and another 4 years after when I decided to get my current unit. When we tented ( and RVed ) I setup, cooked, and did most every thing outside and my DW Debbie took care of the bed space and laundry. The kids always help setup camp and pack it up as well. They both learned well and still camp as their preferred vacation. My eldest daughter has taken it one notch farther by back woods camping in the middle of winter - IE lets clime mount Washington up to tree line in the dead of winter camp out in tents and ski down in the morning.. Well I seem to always be doing something when those invitations come...