Cold air furnace intake smells musty



I have a 2009 Bighorn 3055. After the epic Texas snow storm in Feb, I started detecting a musty smell. I took me awhile to determine it's origins, until I got close to the cold intake grille that is situated under the fridge.

I did not have enough propane to keep my place warm enough; it was approx 50 degrees inside for a week (I had another place to stay), and it may have been pretty humid in here, given the weather.

The odor may have occurred as a result of high humidity and condensation, but I've been wondering if perhaps there is a leak that is emanating from below. Seeing the schematics for the underbelly to see where things are situated may be helpful. I did have a leak around the toilet after I first bought the RV that was remedied by tightening it a bit more to the floor. I wonder if maybe the leak migrated from the bathroom floor to below where I cannot see it.

I'm a new owner of this rig (new to RV life). it's possible there was a slight problem in the furnace area prior, that was exacerbated by humidity. I can smell the mildew coming through the bathroom and bedroom vents after the furnace runs for a few minutes, but not after it heats up more. I have not detected the smell in the living room vents.

I cleaned the area up, and put a Home Store moisture eliminator in the enclosure. I am also thinking that the product Concrobium may help. Has anyone used it, and can it be used in the furnace area?

Any suggestions or ideas fellow Heartlanders? Thank you for your time!
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