Colorado Base Camp for Hunting\Sightseeing recomendations?


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Well the wife is retiring in 2 weeks,(i've been retired)and we are beginning a full time RV adventure for a while. Florida bound in 2 weeks, attending RV repair school there and then who knows where in June. I would LOVE to be in Colorado in August or September and stay a couple months to sight see and possibly do some elk, deer and bear hunting. I know this isnt discussed much here but I am really looking for areas of Co. that would make a good home base for sightseeing excursions and hunting excursions as well. I know nothing about the state so any ideas or recomendations can help. All I know is that I assume I would be staying near the mountains, lol. I would like a full hook up campground but I could pull away for weekend or even week long boodocking excursions. If someone has thousands of acres of private hunting land I would be down fot that too. :) We could trade RV repair services for hunting permission. lol