COMPLAINT - 2019 Heartland Sundance XLT 312 BH


I'm not really sure where to start. First of all, we love our new trailer. Its great, it really is. The design, layout and space is great. Its the quality that really has upset us. The lack of quality I should say. We paid 40,000 for this trailer, and we do not feel the price matches the overall quality. There are brad nail marks EVERYWHERE! Counter top bans peeling away in multiple areas (kitchen and dining table in particular), door cut at the bottom that look so jagged, just this past weekend we had water leaking from the outdoor kitchen, warped doors installed, parts falling off from where the slide outs come out, brad nails sticking up from where the carpet was nailed down, LED lighting that doesn't work with the cup holders, and the list goes on. Heartland, how is this acceptable?? Our poor dealership probably thinks we are so picky, but how can we not be! We expect great quality for something we paid for! We're very disappointed, and we hope we get to enjoy this trailer more than we have within the first month of owning it. We'd like to take advantage of camping this year and not having it in the dealership for repairs every weekend. ​


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Sorry to hear that you have to have these things corrected. Most of the stuff you mentioned sounds like a dealer tech could knock it out pretty quickly. If they have to order parts - especially things like doors, you might have them do so and bring the trailer back after the parts arrive. That way you'll get to use the trailer rather than have it just sit at the dealership.


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Maybe you should see if you can get the trailer into the factory service department at Elkhart. Call Heartland Service with your VIN number and start the negotiations.


Very unfortunate to have so many issues. I am in Ontario as well. Which dealer did you go with? Are they committed to addressing all your concerns?
We recently purchased a 2018 Heartland Cyclone and we've had numerous problems as well. I hated to hear you were having all of these problems, but glad to see I wasn't the only one. I never got any feedback on my original post when I mentioned all of the issues I was having. I was hoping for feedback on fixes. Our thermostats shutting off or changing to furnace and 90 degrees, plumbing not tightened and leaking into the belly of the fifth wheel, refrigerator stopped working, etc. The dealership has been great but we had to use mobile repairmen so we have been without a refrigerator for over two weeks and nearly a month later our thermostats are still not fixed. There were things we didn't notice when we did our walk through but have since noticed like brad nail marks everywhere, and a lot left in the carpet that won't come up with a vacuum. I hope this isn't a sign of things to come. We love the look of the Cyclone and the layout is perfect. But for the over $100,000.00 price tag we definitely should not be having all of these issues. I hope yours gets resolved quickly.
Very unfortunate to have so many issues. I am in Ontario as well. Which dealer did you go with? Are they committed to addressing all your concerns?

The dealership has been great, unfortunately since we are full timers and live hours away from them we had to get a mobile RV tech to come work on it. The tech has been wonderful and handled all of the negotiations with parts, pricing etc with Heartland. We are still without a working refrigerator and thermostats. We are hoping the parts will come in and it will be resolved this week. I absolutely love our rig and looking forward to our first trip in the fall.


This is an industry wide problem I think. Unless you’re buying a very high dollar rig. I worked in a manufacturing field for over 30 years and saw the benefits from taking quality seriously. It’s contagious too, the assemblers have more pride in their work and doing things the right way becomes the norm, it snowballs at no extra cost. But it takes a dedicated quality staff (not a part time position for the forklift driver) of inspector(s) and that’s a big expense that is hard to justify when the manufacturers have been doing fine without it up to now.
I believe they make RVs as fast and cheap as possible. Employee turnover is probably high so nobody gets really good at their job and some knowledge is lost whenever someone leaves or moves to better position.
I know it’s all about the dollars. I understand that. But what would it be worth to be the RV manufacturer with a reputation for quality that was second to none? It would be pretty easy to do.
Ok I feel better. Rant over.

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