Considering Landmark 365 purchase


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have 2019 newport bought new and love it. got new living full time love it. would ck out t&s rv in navasota tx tim meddows. best service we have ever had did everything on line or phone rv was inspected when we arrived and hooked up had us stay there 3 days to inspect and stay in to make sure everything was wright before we signed any papers.
We own Landmark 2020 Model, 365 Oshkosh. These are nice Rigs and we have been in it for about 8 months, now, off and on (Oregon and Cal, we have sick folks)....anyway, be sure to check for older tires, age and wear and tear. Some models of Heartland products have SOME issues with Panel Separations (exterior de lamination - - our friends have a 2017 with issues). Be sure to check inside to see if some of the "wall paper" is bubbling up. If you can find a model with the Connected Solutions Touch Panels with Smart Phone controls: get it. We also really appreciate the Oshkosh's POWER MANAGEMENT which disables over-amp situations (we have 30 amps in some RV parks and if you try to over-load our system, such as making a mistake with a heater on and dryer and Microwave, the system disables enough power consuming devices so as to not overload that one Leg in your Power plug adaptor - a fire hazard - - WE LOVE that system).....The tank drain levers are sticky on ours (two Gray and One black) and I have yet to pull a panel to lube them....ours is a remote style tank drain system, versus our Holiday Rambler have DIRECT knife valves....I am thinking if there was anything else. Well, the rear-most window (back end) has broken on us and would not close, so we went outside and manually pushed on the retraction arm on one side that had gotten bent...check all of your windows for work-ability. Our Oven window shattered upon first use and I had to replace it. There may be an issue with Furrion Oven windows. Heartland took care of it.
Thank you so much for your insights. We are hiring a professional to inspect the entire rig before signing anything. Chatted with him yesterday and he explained everything he does which seems extremely thorough. We are moving up in size and hopefully, quality from a Montana so will expect some things, but hopefully nothing major.


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Honestly the landmarks are built from the same components as the big horn, and big country. The walls and roofs, and floors are the same. Obviously the landmarks have better interior flare, and some other upgrades like paint, 17.5 inch wheels and tires. They are pretty to look at. We went the opposite way recently, we down sized from a 42 foot landmark, to a 33 foot big country.
Thanks for the info. Ours will be parked where we camp host every summer. Since it will be stationary we thought we would go bigger. It’s more of a summer home than a camping vehicle.