Considering this for Side and Rear Mounted Cab Cameras


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So, I'd really like to have a 4 camera cab system in/on my 2012 Ford F450 (see related DVR thread) with the front facing camera being an inside mounted dash camera.

I've been thinking about cameras that could be side and rear mounted, be effective and not super obtrusive and camera-looking.

One thought was to use "flush-mount" cameras and find locations to mount them. Then I came across the one below. I could use 3 of these. One for rear mounting and one for each side. For me, I could mount these to my headache/light rack on my truck (see images below with possible mounting locations circled). I could have the black camera housings painted body-color so they would blend in. Price is not bad either.

Surface Camera (link)
The video/power cable for this camera is routed inside the hollow mounting bolt.
I'd likely have the black housing painted in my truck's body color so the camera
blends in.

Possible Side Mounting Location
Side Camera Location.jpg
The vertical surface of the headache rack/light bar is curved.
This gives placement flexibility after I see what the camera's
field of view is versus what area I want to capture to the side.

Possible Rear Mounting Location
Rear Camera Location.jpg
Easy installation would be on the front (vertical) face of the
headache rack/light bar. But depending on the camera's
field of view, I may want to install the camera below the front
face. Trouble there is the stop lamp. I could offset mount
the camera to the left or right of the stop lamp.