Cooling 2022 cyclone toy hauler.


What’s the best way to set the 3 Ac units in a toy hauler? I have living and bedroom set at 73 garage is set at 80. Does this make any units work more. I do t feel I should cool garage when it’s not being used. We do have it closed off by a door to kitchen. When set to 75 it doesn’t shut off. I will be blacking out wi does and when patio is down I’ll have blackout curtains but when not in use should I I run ac an open up kitchen door ?


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We hardly ever use the AC in the garage, just when we are back there. We keep the door to the garage closed and operate the living area and bedroom AC as needed.
In Spring 2020 when we were in Casa Grande, Az., we had all the windows tinted to a really dark tint. It helps with the heat transfer.


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For anyone with ambient heat problems I strongly advise they investigate applying Henrys 887 Tropi-Cool roof coating. This product has a 94% Infrared reflectance rating from the Reflective Roof Coatings Institute. The product is available at Home Depot, Lowes, and Amazon. Read the user ratings on these sites.

My own experience was with the OEM Dicor roof crawling around the roof on hands and knees in 75 degree Central California bright sunshine, I had to use rags under my hands because of the heat and burning. After application of the Henrys Tropi-Cool 887 on a vary similar day, the roof surface felt COLD to my hands. My air conditioner runs much less now.