Cover for cooktop

Hello, was there suppose to be a cover for my cooktop? 2020 Heartland Big Country 3902fl
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nothing is included from the factory for a cover that ive seen anywhere - however I am making these that have removeable cutting board- and when flipped act as a tray to carry food outside or great serving tray for snacks



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We ordered one from Amazon... I can't remember the name brand of it but, it came with 4 rubber "feet" that you install depending on what model stove you have. It matches the cabinets pretty good. I wish I had seen the ones above... I like them better.


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Since you can’t see the burners, is this a fire hazard?

That’s a good thought! Happened to me once. Our rig came with the the cook top covers made out the solid surface counter top material. Getting ready for a trip I bled the air our of the gas line using the cook top burners. Then installed the cook top covers. For some reason I turned one burn to the low position instead of off. 24 hours later I went in rig. Lucky, for me, that counter top material doesn’t burn. Stupid people do stupid things.

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our 2018 Torque 327 has one from the factory. dark glass cover that folds & flips backwards; acts as a heat shield also.
We have been looking for a cover for our 2014 Elkridge stove top. This cover looks amazing. And the removable cutting board is a great idea. I have been looking for something that doubles as a cutting board, but would love something with the juice tray around the edge.


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what type of stove do you have?

my newer cutting boards have the grove around the edge to catch runoff


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Here is one I made for the stove in our LM

after seeing one similar at one of our rallies. Thanks to our wood shop here at Voyager in Tucson!

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