Dash Cameras


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Not sure what you are doing here. Does your cam hold two cards, saving 'saved' files on the secondary card?
My cam is a single card only and limited to 32 GB's.

So if my math is correct, a 32 GB card should hold approximately 125 video files, which are approximately 262 MB's each (roughly 4 minutes of video per file).

The biggest disappointment of the lost video files is a clip of us approaching the Cape Cod Rally campground.
About a mile from the entrance is a sweeping, downhill and to the right turn with a 'T" intersection at the base of the hill and roadway curve. Blind spots all around.

As we approached the bottom of the run, I spied through the trees a pickup that did not look like it as going to stop.
He did stop, about halfway into the main road, as did we in time, we then continued on.
But then the pickup driver jumped out, and in a road rage manner ran around his truck only to be almost run down by a go cart!

The cart also did not stop and almost ran into the side of us.

That was a video I rally did want to save.
I have a two card system capable of up to quite a lot total. I have a 32 GB in the emergency card slot and a 64 GB in the main slot. The system I think can take a total of 256 GB each slot holding 128 GB cards. Anything I push the button for saves to the one card and the other files stay on the main card until they get written over or I pull them off.


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the only issue I have is I can not get it to stay in MPH it is always in KPH. Not really a big deal as I don't pay that much attention to it anymore. But I have heard that the LUKAS Dash cams are not actually meant to be sold in the states and they wont honor the warranty. I don't know how valid that is but some one on here did have an issue with theirs and found that out.