Defects that need to be changed at Factory


First of all, I just want to say that I have had my Road Warrior toy hauler for a year and a half and am very happy with it compated to other RV's I have owned. There are a couple of things that should be changed at the factory:
1) The front jack switch should be moved to the side or inside a compartment instead of being placed in a direct line of water and dirt sprayed from the rear tires of the tow vehicle. I have had problems from day one, in fact the fuse blew the first time I hooked up to it. At a cost of $250, I have moved it inside a compartment.
2) The fresh water tanks need to have heavier supports installed, mine buckled under the wait of the water, the only thing holding them in place was the plastic ski under the RV. My dealer covered this under warranty and installed inch and half angle iron supports. No problems since then and I don't expect any in the future either.
3) The generator exhausts directly under the bedroom slide, in cold weather the exhast enters the RV through the slide and into the RV which set our Co2 detector off. This happened more than once before we figured out what was going on. I solved the problem by attaching a flexible piece of pipe over the end of the exhaust pipe in order to direct the exhaust further from the RV. I have to detach during towing. I DO FEEL THIS SHOULD BE A SAFETY RECALL FROM THE FACTORY AS THIS COPULD BE A SERIOUS PROBLEM WITH DIRE CONSEQUENCES.


On my list of things to do is get some pipe and move that exhaust. I also think it is in a poor location.
I will either extend it to exit between the 2 slides or may just extend it all the way to the rear of the trailer


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Get a venturi for the generator , its great and money well spent. I boondock several months a year.

I have a cyclone and i had a shop re route my exhaust pipe a bit more toward the front of the rv so my venturi would attach and run straight up the RV. Mine was exhausting just underneath the bedroom slide out as well . I did also buy an extension tube so that the fumes were going high above my roof line.