Delamination left side Big Horn 2010 3385

Is there any Big Horn owners out there with major problems with delamination? I would like to know that I am not by myself with this problem. The whole left side of my 3385 is delaminated # 1 lower bottom of the bedroom slide all the way across, lower left side behind bedroom slide. #2 The vent for the refridgerator all the filon below that vent. #3 forward of the livingroom slide delaminated down about 9 tenths down. #4 The livingroom slide lower rear about two foot up and two and a half foot to the rear delaminated. #5 several places above the living room slide. #6 The big door for the underbelly storage above the frame delaminated across all the top area up about six inches. This unit is just not old enought to have so many problems with delamination.:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(


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Hi robertshort,

I don't think I've seen any posts over the last 3 years anywhere near what you're describing, so you may have an extreme case.

My understanding is that delamination can arise from a manufacturing defect, but is usually caused by water intrusion.

Is this something that's been getting worse for a long time or did it just suddenly show up?

Can you post some pictures?


robertshort here is my post that I just put up to the factory yeasterday 2011 Bighorn 3185RL // I had the same problen with my front area by the pinbox replaceed the the material my self ordered from factory.


Hi Robert, My wife and I have been owners of several travel trailers and fifth wheels over the past years. It seams like all of them that have fiber glass siding have had a delamination problem but none were as new as yours. We are considering selling our home to purchase a new Big Country fifth wheel as our permanent residence but wanted to see if this brand was experiencing the delamination problem. Were you able to get the factory to take responsibility for this and repair it?