Delta ecoflow mppt problem

I have a 330W solar panel connected to my Delta ecoflow. On cloudy days this works fine but as soon as the sun gets a little stronger the delta stops/slows the charging. On the display I can see the solar power ramping up from 0w up to about 200w in a few seconds and then fallimg back down to 0w. This cycles on and on and it charges only very slow.
The panel can provide 10.2 Amps short circuit and 40.66v open circuit. (Qcells q.peak duo-g5 330) The delta's charge port is rated at 10A / 65V.
So yea, the panel can provide more current than the delta can accept. But I expected the mppt to just limit to 10amp.
Any thoughts on how i can fix this?


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I have no experience with this unit. But it sounds like you have the original Delta ecoflow and not the Pro model. This video review may help. If you do in fact have the original, it looks like it may it may slow down the charge when it heats up. In the video it's discussed about 13.5 min in. Then again about 20 min in.

Hope that helps.