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Hi Jim,
It was good to talk with you this afternoon. Great show in Minneapolis! Judy and I have talked and have decided that Minnesota has to have a Chapter. Judy and I together would like to start and head this chapter. We think this should include news letter to chapter members each month. I have goals to make this the best chapter of all. We will need your help and suggestions as far as planning rallies and events. I will ask Pat & Mike Noble for their support and possible sponsor help in this matter. I have a few campgrounds in mind for rallies. As I told you, I lived in Branson for 4 tears and was deeply involved with campground rallies at all the campgrounds in the Branson Area. Please let me know your thoughts. E Mail me at .......
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Hi Bill and Judy,

It was great seeing you at the Minneapolis show - two years in a row now!

Nice to speak to you and thank you for accepting my challenge to lead out newest chapter - MINNESOTA!

I spoke to Mike Noble last night about you guys and about becoming involved in the chapter. I move slowly when it comes to integrating dealers into chapters but I have a good feeling about Mike, Pat and the rest of the crew at Noble. I am very impressed with their operation and I am hopeful that the chapter can build a relationship with them that works for everyone.

I'll be in touch via email with more detail.

Hey, you guys are really photogenic :)

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