Drainmaster Electric Gate Valve


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This would a good replacement for standard cable valves that stick and don't always close properly due to flex in the cables. Add an electric valve for black tank flush and a PLC to control the dump flush sequence between all tanks could revolutionize tank dumping.


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These are on my to do list also, have a friend that has had them on his last two Big Horns and is totally sold on them.


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Would certainly consider it if it was more reliable than the manual ones!

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Are they more reliable or do they get sticky and stop closing all the way like the cable operated valves?

Are they more reliable or do they get sticky and stop closing all the way like the cable operated valves?


Good morning Rod,
Thanks for posting such an important question, it seems to be the biggest concern for 5th wheel owners. Two things cause cable pull valves to not close completely; 1, the cable length, the cable routing, internal contaminates, dust mixed with grease,oxide over time. 2. The valve position itself. The cable valve has to be mounted in the 3 O-clock or 9 O-clock position relative to the piping/tank exit hole. When the valve is first opened there is a short period of back pressure as the water forces the air out of the piping and into the sewer. When the gate is open there is a small gap between the seals and water can get back into the body of the valve where the gate is when the valve is open. It may be a very small amount but over time sludge builds up creating resistance. Couple that with the flex and resistance in the cable as well as the 2 seals pushing on the gate creating additional resistance, as it slides further to the closed position, getting completely closed is problematic.
We recommend mounting the valves above the piping/tank outlet above the 3 and 9 O-clock position, that way ant water that does get in the body comes back out when the tank empties. Our Drain Master valves open and or close in about 1/2 second and we only make a 3" valve which we feel needs to be used on both the Black and Gray tanks.
If the valves are installed properly they are very reliable and offer many benefits like dumping from inside your RV during bad weather or sitting in one place for long periods and having your wife dump the tanks. I know but customers tell me this quite often! In addition the whole process of dumping can be automated once you are connected to an approved sewer ground inlet.
We specialize in RV Waste Management have for the past 18 plus years and appreciate the opportunity to answer Heartlanders questions and help take the mystery out of a very simple process.
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Can the speed at which the valve opens be slowed down?

Good morning Duane and Debbie,
The short answer is no. We can time the opening/ cycle, but not the speed it opens. The fast open helps insure the full force of the water/ waste in the tank begins to flow, creating a vortex in the tank.
Please let me know why having the gate open slower would be desired. I am curious??