Edge 351 - comparison to other Heartland models


I did a TON of comparison research while deciding what model toy hauler we would purchase and thought I would share what I learned with the forum, especially since there seems to be limited information floating around on the Edge models. Since we decided to purchase the Edge model this will be mostly based on what options are included and/or available on the Edge 351 compared to the Torque, Road Warrior and Cyclone models.

Let me start by saying the Edge 351 is the same layout (meaning same frames, walls, front caps, slides, etc.) as the Torque 345 and the Cyclone 3513. There is a slight difference with the Cyclone as the bunkhouse/storage access on the Edge and the Torque is from the garage area and on the Cyclone they shifted the entry to the bunk space to the living room side, this appears to have been done to allow the installation of a row of cabinets along the ceiling in the Cyclone. Other than that, all three models are the same as far as the layout.

The master bedroom area of the Edge is the EXACT same as the Road Warrior 427 (down to the color of the bed coverings), nearly the same as the RW413 (different bed covering colors), and very similar to the Cyclone 3513 (different style cabinet knobs and fronts but same layout) and very similar to the Torque 345 (different style cabinet knobs and fronts but same layout).

The master bathroom is also very similar to all of the models listed above. The differences are the Road Warrior models have the solid surface countertop where the Edge does not, but The RW does have the white cabinets like the Edge. The Cyclone also has the solid surface countertop but the cabinets are brown. The Torque also has brown cabinets but does not have the solid surface countertop. All models have the same shower and toilet.

The main living area of all of the Edge 351, Cyclone 3513 and Torque 345 are VERY similar with the differences being in the quality of the cabinets, the appliance options available and the 'extra' trim that is installed on the ceiling of the Cyclone models. The Edge is available with the residential style refrigerator (this was a must for us for our longer trips for our daughter's medical appointments) and I know the Cyclones are also available with this option but I haven't seen the Torque with this option, maybe it could be ordered from the factory. The Edge and Cyclone all come with the electric fireplace, the Torque does not. The Edge and Cyclone all come with the 50" TV installed, the Torque does not come with a TV installed (some dealers add a TV). The Torque also just has a shelf above the entrance door where the other models have a nice double-door cabinet. The Cyclone does come with the higher end stove/gas burners and larger microwave not available on the Torque and Edge.

The garage area of all three models is very similar, with the only real difference being the Cyclone has the row of cabinets mounted up at ceiling level all the way across the front of the garage (and loft access is from the living area). All have the washer/dryer hookups as well as TV hookups. The Cyclone does come with the 3 seasons rear door setup, this isn't listed as an option on the Torque or the Edge but since they all have the same frame and walls I feel like the 3 seasons door could be ordered from Heartland and bolted into the Torque or Edge with no modifications (we plan to try our Edge out and see if this is an upgrade we want, if we decide to do it I will follow up confirming this is a 'bolt-in' upgrade).

The second 1/2 bath is very similar in all three models, main difference being the Cyclone has the solid surface countertop where the Edge and Torque do not.

The exterior of the units are similar with the graphics being the main difference. The Cyclone does come with an additional awning over the garage side entry door not standard on the Torque or Edge. All units are available with the automatic level-up, generator, solar prep, etc. The Edge and the Cyclone come with the water connections, exterior shower, etc. all installed inside a cabinet with a light where the Torque has individual smaller covers for these items. All models come with the rear patio awning and party deck and are pre-wired for a backup camera.

So there is a rundown of what I've learned. We decided to go with the Edge 351 because it was able to check-off all of our wants for MUCH less money than the Cyclone. I think the fact that the Edge line is being discontinued gives the buyer a great deal of leverage with the dealers who still have them in stock, we were able to get the Edge model for less than what the same dealer is asking for the Torque model even with all of the 'extra' items that the Edge has over the Torque as listed above. Hope this may help anyone else who is trying to figure out what the differences are in these models.


Little to add to the above, the Heartland Fuel 352 sold at Camping World is also basically the same unit as the Torque 345, Edge 351 and Cyclone 3513 just built specifically for Camping World. The options vary depending on the unit(s) that I've seen on CW sites so far but the Fuel models seem to be in line with the Torque series.