Electric Awning Quit


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Rolled out the front awning this AM. Went slightly too far so asked the DW to back it up 1/4 turn. Nothing. No in or out. It is a Carefree awning with the electric motor. After checking the fuse I went to the power switch, Murphy said to leave your DMM at home. That will be corrected tomorrow. Meanwhile back at the ranch I'm trying to figure out how power gets to the motor. The right side has the motor(facing awning) in the bubble at the end. No wires I can see. I do see 2 tiny wires for the lights but nothing to run the motor. Anybody have a clue???? Those are some 12-14 ga wires leaving the switch but nothing like that around the awning???


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Looking at the awning from the ground there is a screw at the bottom of the right channel pull that screw and slide the plastic cover down and off. you'll see the wires for the lights and the motor. I would first try having DW push the switch to the in position while you try manually roll in by hand that might get it going again.