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Shopping for a grill and noticed a lot of electric grills for indoor and outdoor use. Has anyone thought of using an electric grill outdoors for cooking instead of gas? Most of them are easy clean up and you can add flavor by adding wood chips if you like. I even found some that have removable legs or for table top use.


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We have a WeberQ electric grill and love it. Easy cleanup. We plug it into the 20 amp outlet on the RV Park shore power box, because it can pull a lot of amps and trip the RVs outside outlet circuit breakers.

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That's a good question, me and my wife have been talking about getting a new grill cause the one that came with the camper leaves a little to be desired. We've had our eye on a camco 5500 but its gas not electric. We hadnt thought about an electric one so i'll be curious to see everyone else's thoughts on your question. This forum always has good questions and replies.

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We use the george forman type grills now for all of our outdoor cooking. No more mess and its cooks very fast. A frozen patty to done in 6 minutes.


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Had George Forman grill. Didn’t like it. And it was messy. Also found the digital thermometers didn’t like it either.

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Weber Q200 gas, not bad for picnic table cooking. I line the inside under the grill with foil to ease cleaning. Also carry a Weber bullet smoker at times. If you have the room check out Traeger

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Personally I don't care for electric grills as you're tethered to a power plug.
For camping I use a Baby Q from Weber, both portable and durable. Just upgrade it to use a typical 20# tank.

At home I use a Weber propane and a Traeger Pro pellet smoker.


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We had a great little propane grill, the O-Grill.

However, hearing great things about pellet grill/smokers (electric), we ended up buying a used one (Green Mountain Grill Davy Crockett) from my boss.

Now we won't ever go back to cooking with gas!!

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While we love our Traeger pellet smoker they have one design flaw - they're smokers, and that means cooking is low AND SLOW.
And before anyone asks, no it's no longer clean like this picture. 4 years of outdoor use has visually taken its' toll.


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