Electrical diagram


Two part question, does anyone know where to get an ectrical diagram for a BH250 besides the generic one on the owners forum? Secondly, does anyone know what type converter is in the Pioneers, if there is a way to change output to support lithium batteries or if it needs to be changed out.



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Usually Heartland does not have a trailer specific electrical diagram, from what I've read here on the forum. You may have to physically locate your converter and do a search in the tools section for manuals.


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I can only echo what Roller4tan said.....
for wiring diagrams, the general diagram is all that is available..... and the trailers are often wired a little different than the diagram, and sometimes WRONG, but the general diagram kinda shows how it should be wired....
so your kind of on your own, which is why I always suggest that a DIY owner should purchase a "wire tracer" to carry in the trailer for when its needed to find how and where the wire runs thru the walls that you suspect is causing problems...

the owners packet should have a manual that gives the information of the components installed when it was built... but a previous owner may have changed it at some point, so it really needs to be seen to know for sure....


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The PD series of converters are widely used by Heartland in many trailers. When you locate it and if it is, then you can purchase a simple Charge Wizard dongle to plug in and override the automatic mode.

I researched my solar / Lithium battery bank setup extensively (1 year) before installing it and many internet hits stated the PD series WITH the Charge Wizard is fine...no new converter needed.

It had worked fine for over 4 years to date.