Entrance Door Lock Changed

Pulled the trigger on rvlock.com and ordered one of their keyless entry locks for my Sundance. Really impressed with their service, I called them to place the order, and spoke with a real human right off the bat. I ordered the right hand model, V4 and was told this would fit my application.

The lock arrived from Utah in about 4 days, really fast shipping, and batteries were included :) Initially I was having trouble getting the lock to accept my programming....at least I though I was. My Bonnie saved the day, she came upstairs to see what I was doing. I told her the lock was supposed to make a beeping sound when I pressed the programming sequence and it wasn't doing it. Well, she said I hear it, go put your hearing aids on...so I did and low and behold, it programmed no problems. :)

When it locks or unlocks even I can hear the lock so it is plenty loud, just the programming beeps i couldn't hear. Also I mentioned that I was a veteran when I placed my order and was awarded with a 20% reduction in price and given an extra key fob. WOOHOO.

Installation was a breeze, even in 30 degree weather. I cheated, I had already programmed my lock with my code so I didn't have to try that outside in the cold. From the inside of the trailer remove the four screws holding the old paddle lock in place, and two from the front strike plate, have the door opened when you do this. Remove the paddle from the inside of the door, then carefully remove the outside part of the old lock.

Carefully insert the new outside portion of the lock into the door, feeding the wires through with it. Connect them with the inside portion of the lock and insert the screws and snug them down but not tight. Don't forget the strike plate screws

My lock works perfectly, the door closes just like it did, and I can push a button on my fob and unlock the door. Love it. If you go to rvlock.com they have installation videos which explains the programming and installation procedure. Well worth the price if you ask me.

And a Bonus, I have three storage bays in my Sundance, and you can order new locks for each, keyed to your keys for the entrance lock. WOOHOO no more CH751 keys that everybody has. I realize that locks only keep out honest people a determined thief is gonna find a way to get in, but we can slow them down.