Entry Door laminate cracking


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The entry door on my 2018 Big Country has a problem with the plastic laminate on the inside of the door is cracking. Started as one or 2 and has just spread across the whole door.
‘Has anyone had this problem and what was the fix besides replacing the who’ll door?


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Join the club. We have same. I figure they are stress fractures from the past several years now.
Have seen posts on FB about this and it’s not unique to HL.
I plan to do nothing because as you say, new door. New door won’t match up very well against a 7 yr old exterior


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When we were at our home base for 2 months this summer, I picked up 2-4x8 sheets of FRP and proper adhesive to replace ours with.

After removing one door, I laid it on a table for disassembly and found out it isn't feasible to remove the factory FRP without disrupting the filler underneath. So...new doors or fix these...what to do?

I ran short of time and put the project on hold until next summer.

I am going to remove the latches and full window trim, cut the FRP to fit underneath the window trim to clamp down the center. The outer 4 edges will be cut right up to the edge of the black trim, or all the way to cover framework. After cut, then use adhesive and glue on top of existing FRP and assemble.

Not quite sure how to trim the edges once done, but I have 8+ months to think about it.

I will probably change my original plan to cut it it smaller, and cut it to cover the black framework. Amply glue right onto the edge, cleanup adhesive, and use 1 piece of black Gorilla tape to outline with. The tape will be 1/2 on the FRP and half onto the door edges for looks and help keep the edge smacked down.

What could possibly go wrong (no answers please)