Eureka Yellow Jacket central vac fire

It seems like the primary issue is what caused the vacuum cleaner to be on fire an hour after using it. Did you notice any noise continuing after disconnecting the hose - indicating that it was still running? Anything unusual before noticing the smoke and flame?

Nothing different while running vacuum and it didn’t continue to run. The first thing I heard was the electrical snapping, smoke, plastic smell and then flames.


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The past couple of days I was hearing a "roaring" noise which i though was coming from my Igloo tabletop icemaker which I keep on the floor between the bedroom/bathroom steps and the circuit breaker panel. Today the roaring noise didn't go away by itself, and I was startled to find that it didn't go away when I unplugged the icemaker from the outlet. Then it dawned on me that the noise was the central vacuum cleaner ( which I have only used a couple of times in the 11 years I have owned the Bighorn - I have a conventional vacuum cleaner). I am wondering if this switching on by itself could be related to the burnt wiring and evident fire damage reported by others. I can envision a scenario where the vacuum runs for hours by itself when the RVers are away from the trailer, maybe even finally shutting off before they get back. I simply turned off the circuit breaker on mine for now. This might be a good idea for others who are concerned about the recent fire damage postings. You can turn the breaker ON if/when you choose to use the central vacuum system.