EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: FL, Williston - 3/22/2013 to 3/24/2013

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Steve and Patti Lester Site 242. Park management did tell us it was subject to change, it has already changed once. We will arrive on wednesday,March 20th

Ray LeTourneau

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We're on Site 329. In on the 21st out on the 25th. Rig is ready. Waxed top to bottom, brakes adjusted and ready to roll.


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We were assigned site 468....will arrive on 3/20. Planning to stay 6 glorious days !!!!
So looking forward to the first rally of the season


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Linda and I will be arriving on Friday March 22nd and leaving Monday March 25th. We are in Park Facilities, B-2, #231. We were just moved to this site from another....I'll keep you posted if it happens again.

Looking forward to meeting everyone!


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The Alfano's are in Site 302...in Friday am and out on Monday...Cannot wait to meet everyone!

Florida Randy.....are you ready?


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Hi Mickey,
You asked me to send you a note to remind you about getting my RV weighed.

Seems like a good system to have the RV weighed when you first arrive at the campground and then bring the truck back to be weighed after you unhook and set up the RV. I guess a lot of this depends on when your weight person has the scales set up (what day).
I am going to be arriving on Wednesday, March 20th ( early afternoon). Will the scales be available then.

Thank you
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