EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: IN, Elkhart - 09/27/2022 to 10/02/2022

Added to Calendar: 09/27/22, 09/28/22, 09/29/22, 09/30/22, 10/01/22, 10/02/22


Indiana Chapter Leaders
Event Type
  1. Chapter Rally
Venue Name
Elkhart Campground
Venue Contact Name
Gita, Bob ot Roj Patel
Venue Contact Email
Venue Contact Phone
Venue Street Address
25608 County Rd 4
Venue City
Venue State / Province
Venue Zip Code
Venue Country
  1. United States
Rally Start Date
Sep 27, 2022
Rally End Date
Oct 2, 2022
Number of Sites Held
Site Costs per Night
Heartland Brand Fee
Non-Heartland Brand Fee (per person)
Event Leader
Event Leader Contact
Event Summary
Bob Patel at Elkhart Campground advises you do not need to make reservations. When we booked the event, he reserved the sites and won't be making site specific reservations until you arrive.

Amber Alber advises that Heartland has received promotional items from Passport America, Dexter Axles, Lippert and TST. Heartland will be providing a new chapter banner, new decals, rally bags and a Heartland branded grill set. And, Heartland is providing t-shirts for all rally attendees! So please let me know your sizes.
Attendee List
1. Pam & Lyle Hestermann
2. Brandy and Matt Gleason
3. Gary and Marlene Hock
4. Don and Cindy Gilbert
5. Mark and Carrie Schurig
6. Don & Carthy Wells
7. Sue & Bill Coquillard
8. Deb & Gerry Atkinson
9. Sweet Pea & Sniper
10. Bill & Chris Jordan
11. Fred & Diane McLane
12. Dennis & Nancy Williams
13. Ken AmRhein
14. Michelle & Roger Savoie


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Sure, just call Elkhart campground and tell them you are with the Heartland rally when you make your reservation. Then post here that you are registered.

Good morning Lyle:

Hockster here.

I called Bob this morning to make my reservation for September, and he told me to sent him an email.
I have tried to send him the email using the http, www, and using neither of them and it keeps coming back invalid email address.
I even went to their website and used that address with same result, invalid email address.
I have tried this using my phone, iPad and my Chromebook and have received the same message, invalid email address.
I have Comcast Xfinity for my WiFi service.
I even shut my Xfinity WiFi connection off on my phone and used my Verison service, same thing happens.
Please check this out and post what is happening, because I don’t believe Elkhart knows there may be a problem.

Lyle, I found this caution on a search.



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I have found another source that says this is an unsecured site, besides the last post with screenshot I posted.
Bob wanted me to make the reservation in an email, which I’m not able to do.
I have huge questions about this and why he would not do it over the phone when I called.
I have made my reservations over the phone in the past.



Indiana Chapter Leaders
Thanks for your persistence, Gary, and sorry I'm just now responding. I'll double check with Bob, but agree this sounds weird.



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The Commander and I will be there. Arriving the 27th and departing the 2nd. I called the campground and they said we didn't need to make a reservation just to let you all know. :)