EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: Meaford, On - 06/17/2022 to 06/19/2022

Added to Calendar: 06/17/22, 06/18/22, 06/19/22


Ontario Chapter Leaders
Eastern Canada/Ontario chapter rally
Event Type
  1. Chapter Rally
Venue Name
meaford municipal campground
Venue Contact Name
Venue Contact Email
Venue Contact Phone
up to may19 call 1-888-525-7024.
Venue Street Address
179 grant avenue, meaford, ont, can
Venue City
Venue State / Province
Venue Zip Code
Venue Country
  1. Canada
Rally Start Date
Jun 17, 2022
Rally End Date
Jun 19, 2022
Number of Sites Held
Site Costs per Night
Non-Heartland Brand Fee (per person)
Event Summary
Hello. Please note that site rates are approx. and will be verified asap. This is a very informal rally/get together due to the covid situation we are all facing. This is a very picturesque area with alot to see. Some things may be planned but as of now nothing firm can be done. We will have small things planned within our group such as a dinner/bbq, sight seeing and/or day trips as per the covid situation allows. Lets hope for better circumstances as we get closer to the rally dates and further from the omicron virus. Stay tuned for im sure many updates as/if things change per the virus and updating the agenda.
nothing as yet as per above
Attendee List
  1. Mike and Donna Tinklin - site 81....large and xlarge
  2. Al and Kim Sherwin - site 79.....xlarge and large
  3. Randy and Liz Powell - site 80
  4. Bill and Karen Young - site 75.....med and large
  5. Ian and Linda Hubling - site 35.....3xlarge x 2
  6. Dale and Alice Smith - site 85
  7. Andy and Bev Moulton - site 108
  8. Harold and Mollie Wall - site 107
  9. Wayne and Deb Kaufman - site 110.....large and 2xlarge
  10. Brian and Betty Clemens - site 74.


Well-known member
We can't wait to see you all! We are arriving come **** or highcovidwater. Also it is a part of Ontario never visited. So excited.
Miss you guys. Happy new year. May it be covid free. Take care.


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As long as the campgrounds remain open to camping this summer, we've got a pretty busy summer ahead of us - including Meaford. Looking forward to seeing everybody again. We'll be on site #35 again.

Dale - I'll be bringing my ebike this year - so I'll race you around the park! :p

bamoulton - you don't have a signature line with your postings. Where are you located? What kind of rig do you have?


Ontario Chapter Leaders
This is an update for reserving a site. We will only have 16 sites available to us and 8 have been spoken for as per above and are only being held until feb1st. You can wait until after feb 1st but no guarantees. Best way to get a site is by email attn to steve. The email is memorialpark@meaford.ca. Say your part of the heartland rally/campout and will need name, address, phone, email and dates coming and going. If you send an email let me know as i will be checking with steve for updates on names. Thanks.