EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: MN, Two Harbors - 9/11/2014 to 9/14/2014

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  • From: 9/11/2014 to: 9/14/2014
  • Number of sites held: 20
  • Site fee: Rate - $35.00 + tax per night.
  • Club Member Event fee: $0
  • Non-Club Member fee: $20
  • Potluck: Yes
  • Potluck date: 9/13/2014
  • Potluck time: 5:30pm

  • Event Leader: mnkamper(click to contact)

Additional Info:
This is a great city owned campground which has awesome views of Lake Superior!

Odin, the campground manager, is now taking reservations for the rally!
The rally will be held in the campground's brand new expansion area so please mention that you're registering with the Heartland Rally group!

Current Reservations:

1. Tom Ireland 15b
2. Steve Ziegenhagen 16b
3. Diana Abelson 4b
4. Bob Schmid 5b
5. Ruth Stolhanske 13b
6. Terry Hershberger 17b
7. Jay Coffman 18b
8. Larry Eisfeld 19b
9. Brian Gaard 6b
10. Greg Tavernier 2b
11. Donald Pearson 8b
12. Al/Linda Swanson 20b
13. Duane/Karin Blow 7b
14. Curt and Mona Piepenburg 3b
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We'll be there! We plan to arrive on Monday September 8th and depart on Monday September 15th. We had a great time in Owatonna last year and will be looking forward to seeing the Two Harbors/Duluth area.
Tom & Kathy
Lynn and I plan to arrive mid afternoon on the 11th and stay till the 14th. We already have our calendar marked to make the reservation on May 10th.
We can only imagine what the sunrises will be like over Lake Superior!

Terry H

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The Hershbergers are coming to the Rally! We will arrive on September 10th and depart on September 15th. Called and left a message with the campground.


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That's awesome! We haven't seen you guys for awhile..... been too long!
Don't be surprised if the campground returns your call and says they know nothing about a Heartland Rally! Long story is.....the city owned campground's manager does not come back to his summer job until Sept. 10th. He (Oden) is the one we worked with last summer before Oct. 15th when they shut the campground down and he heads to his winter job. At that time the city hadn't taken over the new section yet (although it was completed) so wasn't taking reservations for it yet. Anyway, that area is opening up that new section where the rally is to be held and Oden promised us that we would get our selected sites.
Since we've been unable to reach Oden all winter (after many, many attempts), we're looking forward to taking him at his word!
Although it's a great campground and we love the North Shore, it's been interesting getting this all setup!
The Schmid's are booked! I called Oden this morning. We will be arriving on 09/10 and departing on 09/14. Oden was very helpful. We are in the new section of the campground with full hook-ups. Can't wait to see the sunrise over Lake Superior!
I just got off the phone making reservations with Oden. This will be our first Heartland Rally. Our Gateway is about 1 month old so we are still adding and fixing. We are not yet members of the Heartland Owners Club but we will be before the Rally. We are looking forward to the experience and it's another reason to go camping. Perfect!

Don and Robin


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Hi Don and Robin,
Welcome to the Heartland Family and the forum! If you need any help signing up for the club, we'd be glad to help!
We're really happy that you've registered for the MN Rally! The Two Harbors Campground has some awesome views of Lake Superior and shipping and we're looking forward to a great time!
Enjoy that Gateway.... make plenty of camping trips! Which dealer did you get your Gateway?

Tom and Katy
Hi Tom and Kathy,
We spent April traveling in our 05 Jayco, primarily in Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas. Along the way we shopped for a new camper. We don't plan to full time but do plan to become snowbirds next winter and spend 5 or six months camping. That's why we wanted a new camper. We found we liked the Gateway and when I went on line I found the best price at Neal's Motorsports in Long Prairie Minnesota. I called, sent pictures of our trade and we made a deal. We picked it up in May after returning from our trip.

I will appreciate your help if we have any problems signing up for the club. I see that there is a golf course near the camp ground. Is there any possibility of there being enough free time to get up a game and loose some golf balls?

Don and Robin


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Hi Don and Robin!
There should be plenty of time for round of golf and the 2 Harbors Golf Course is right across the main hwy 61 from the campground! While we haven't done the rally agenda yet, the common suggestion that we've gotten before is that people want more time to socialize rather than have organized outings.
So we would suggest that you set up times as you can..... while we don't golf, we're sure there will be other people that are coming do!

Also, we might have some suggestions about joining the club!

If you would email us at ireland351@gmail.com , we can share some thoughts!

Two Harbors Rally

New members the TravlnTavs will attend first Heartland rally. Just became proud owners of a 2015 Bighorn 3570RS. Looking forward to making new friends at the rally.

Greg and Nancy
HOC 2729
2015 Bighorn 3570RS
2013 RAM 3500 Cummins SRW
Molly the Griff


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Just returned from spending a few days on the North Shore. Three of those were spent while parked in the new section of the Burlington Bay Campground. A few words of warning; All of these sites are back in only..but you must back in from your blind side (right side) as the idiot that layed this place out put all the sites at about a 30 degree angle from the road in the wrong direction. To make matters worse you will have a curb directly across from you. The sites are very nice and scenic. No trees. No bathrooms or showers so plan on using your facilities. All of the pads are gravel..but they forgot to pack them. Real easy to lay down some 10-12" deep ruts so try to stay in the center. You may need 2 sewer hoses to reach the sewer drop. The drop for trailers is behind the end of the trailer with another alongside but close to the adjacent pad. This was designed for motorhomes that might park nosed in next to you. It was a shame to see how some non-RVer designed this place. Best wishes. Sorry we can't make it but we already had other plans...Don


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Including us, it was great to see that there were at least 4 HOC rigs in the Two Harbors Campground during different times this past weekend! It is a beautiful addition to the campground!
Yes, there are issues that the campground needs to work on but for a just opened section of a campground it has come a long way! There are some differing views about backing in from the right and after you're in the site, that angle offers great views of Lake Superior! There is a curb on the drivers side and the campground management did ask for opinions on how to make the sites easier to get into. Talking to the management and city administrator, although not yet done, there are plans on upgrading office space and adding additional restroom facilities to the new section. For now, if you do visit the campground, you do need to take advantage of your full hookups or use the facilities in the previous section about a block or so away.
Although our site was quite solid, the 4-6 inches of rain did take its toll. It is great to see sod has also been added to the new section as the seeding didn't work out and by some ruts, it was easy to see where rigs had strayed off the solid parts! The campground management is well aware of this and has indicated the sites will continue to be improved! Given that the MN rally is in the fall (Sept 11-14), we're sure this will happen!
The hookups are at the rear of the rig (just like Goshen) so it's great to plan accordingly!
We're looking forward to having a great rally in the Northern Part of MN on the shores of Lake Superior and we are sorry that GOTTOYS will not be able to join us.
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Al and Linda Swanson are attending, I just reserved 20b. We retired in June, this will be our first rally. Looking forward to meeting all of you!



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Hi Al and Linda!
Congratulations on the retirement, we do look forward to hearing all about that!
It's great that you're coming to the MN rally! It's an awesome group of people and so much fun to meet new friends as well!
Thanks for registering...... we look forward to seeing you there!


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We were able to visit a local dealer (close to the rally) this past weekend to work on details for their sponsorship! On the lot there's 2 Landmarks: Savannah and a 365-Newport! If they're available at rally time, at least 1 of them will be a show coach! Awesome!


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Great News Tom and Kathy! That new Landmark 365 is sure to be a hit. Looking forward to arriving a few days early.


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The new 365 Newport is really something.... what a beautiful rig! If it's still there, we're looking forward to them bringing it too!


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The MN HOC Rally agenda has just been sent out to those that have registered for the rally. If you haven't received yours....... post here, PM or email us and we'll make sure you get one!
See you at Two Harbors!


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Tom and Kathy....we hope you have a great rally this year...Paul and I sure wish we could be there!! :(
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