EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: MS, Picayune - 4/15/2021 to 4/18/2021

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Mississippi Chapter Leaders
  • Sun Roamers RV Resort
  • 41 Mississippi Pines Blvd
  • Picayune, MS 39466
  • Contact: Angel @ 601-798-5818
  • www.sunroamers.com
  • Pets ok?: Yes
  • Golf carts allowed?:
  • Golf Cart restrictions?:
  • Golf Cart fees?:
  • From: 4/15/2021 to: 4/18/2021
  • Number of sites held: 25 - More available if needed.
  • Register by end of day 3/26/2021. Last Day to Order T-Shirts 3/20/21.
  • Site fee: $$36.59 - Includes Tax per night.
  • Club Member Event fee: If more than 2 per rig, $10.00 per extra person.
  • Non-Heartland Brand fee: $20.00 per rig
  • Meet & Greet: April 15th 5:30pm
  • Potluck Dinner: April 16th 5:30pm
Additional Info:------------------------------

T-Shirts -- We have reached the minimum required to order T-shirts.
The prices will be the same as last year, S thru XL - $12 each, XXL - $14 each, XXXL - $15 each. NOTE CHANGE: If you would like to order T-shirts the last day is 3/20/21. Vendor needs order information by 3/22/21. Thank you.
Please send your payment to:
Ricky Lester
699 Highway 533
Stringer MS 39481

(Anyone that registered last year and paid for T-shirts will automatically be added to the list. You do not need to do anything except verify the sizes you need.)

Agenda (Subject to Change!)
Thursday, April 15[SUP]th[/SUP] - Rally Day 1
-- Meet & Greet Potluck – Bring your favorite finger food to share with the group. (Bring your own drink)

Friday, April 16[SUP]th[/SUP] – Rally Day 2
– Hot Breakfast Sponsored by SkyMed
5:30pm – Potluck Dinner – Bring your favorite dish (meat, vegetable, casserole, salad, dessert, etc.) (Bring your own drink)
7:00pm – Playing Card Bingo -- $5.00 to play four games. (Cash prizes. Not your regular bingo. If you have never played, we think you will enjoy this.)

Saturday, April 17[SUP]th[/SUP] – Rally Day 3
– Potluck Breakfast Co-Sponsored by Performance Trailer Braking and the club. David and Nichole Hebert will be making a special treat for us as well…Beignets!
3:00pm – Table Horse Racing
5:30pm – Meal provided by club. Anyone that would like to help with a dessert will be appreciated. (Bring your own drink)

50/50 Raffle after the meal.
High bidders for the Silent Auction items will be announced. (All proceeds go to Heartland Gives Back… Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Mississippi Region)
Door Prizes

Sunday, April 18[SUP]th[/SUP] – Rally Day 4
– Continental Breakfast and Good-byes.

Attendees Name:Site#:Dates:T-Shirt Sizes:T-Shirt $ DueT-Shirt $ Paid
Ricky & Rachel Lester114/12-19/212-XL$0.00$24.00
David & Nichole Hebert124/16-18/211-M, 1-L$0.00$24.00
Lewis & Jo Anne West104/14-18/211-L, 1-XL$0.00$24.00
Ed & Eddie Booth44/15-21/211-L, 1-XXL$0.00$26.00
Henry & Martha Scott64/15-19/211-L, 1-XL$0.00$24.00
Don & Cindy Gilbert94/13-19/211-L, 1-XXL$0.00$26.00
Josh & Shawn Deason144/15-18/212-L$0.00$24.00
Hayden & Gigi Warren74/12-19/211-L, 1-XXL$0.00$26.00
Bobby & Linda Eanes134/15-19/21$0.00
John & Marina Esmond54/15-21/211-XL, 1-XXXL$0.00$27.00
Clay & Candy Hudson234/15-18/21$0.00
Randy & Santha Allen224/14-19/212-L$0.00$24.00
Kim & Dottie Miranda214/14-19/211-XL, 1-XXL$0.00$26.00
Steve & Patti Lester34/15-19/211-XL, 1-XXXL$0.00$27.00
Ron & Kathi Ludwig164/15-18/211-L, 1-XL$0.00$24.00
Jerry & Lily Worth204/14-19/211-XXL$14.00
Harry & Elaine LeBlanc254/15-19/211-M, 1-XL$0.00$24.00
Melba King264/14-19/211-XXL$14.00
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'Lil Guy'

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We'll be wtching this rally. Missed the last one due to the virus. Really wrecked our plans to trvel to the east coast. Debbie and I will make this one. KLittle early to make reservations but we'll be there.


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Since I am planning to try and do the East Coast trip with Frank and Debbie again this year, put me on the list so as to get rally updates. I will make my reservations with the park after the first of the year when we know better if the politicians are going to let us travel again.


Pennsylvania Chapter Leaders-retired
Since I am planning to try and do the East Coast trip with Frank and Debbie again this year, put me on the list so as to get rally updates. I will make my reservations with the park after the first of the year when we know better if the politicians are going to let us travel again.

East Coast? If you guys are planning to make it up to PA Nancy & I would certainly like to hook up with you for a visit as you pass through

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'Lil Guy'

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Like George says, we're going to use this for the start of our east coast run next year. Looking forward to seeing everyone there.


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We booked our spot. 16th-18th. Might come a day early if we can. Just have to wait until it gets closer.


Mississippi Chapter Leaders
Haven't had a chance to get online lately due to everything that is going on but hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. It is good to see some planning now to be at the Mississippi rally and just want to say thanks and look forward to seeing everyone. We will be posting more information on the agenda after the first of the year after we see how things progress.

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Ricky & Rachel Lester


Tennessee Chapter Leaders
We are planning to attend your Ms rally and maybe follow up with the Al rally. Our Tn rally will be held the week end before yours in Antioc Tn.


Active Member
The Wandering Wests just registered for this rally and we have site #10. Looking forward to seeing fellow Heartlanders again! Haven't seen many of you since last January at the Tampa Super RV show. We'll arrive Thursday, April 15 and leave Sunday.


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We have made reservations for the rally. We will arrive on 4/15 and leave on 4/21. Our site is #4.


Ohio Chapter Leaders
Hi Ricky and Rachel,

We made our reservation for the Rally coming in on April 13 departing April 18th on Site # 9. Looking forward to starting the Rally season.



Alabama Chapter Leaders
Hi Ricky and Rachel! We have made our reservation for your rally. Arriving 4/15 and departing 4/18. We will be on site #14. We are looking forward to meeting everybody and having a great time to start the rally season!


Mississippi Chapter Leaders
Thanks to everyone who has signed up so far. I normally try to send out an individual thank you to each one but have been busy as of late so "thank you" to all. Things are looking good at this point for the rally. Will post an agenda soon. Stay safe and healthy.

Ricky & Rachel

'Lil Guy'

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Debbie and I will be attending this rally on our trip to the East coast. Arriving on the 14th and leaving on the 19th. If anyone is interested, Margaritaville will be lit up and open for the rally. Love to have everyone stop by for a cocktail or 2. Really looking forward to getting back out on the road again, especially since we'll be getting our second (and last) Moderna vaccine in another week. Nice not to have to worry as much about this covid situation. I'll call in our reservations tomorrow in the AM and post back with the site #.
Looking forward to seeing everyone there. Later and have a great day.


North Carolina Chapter Leaders
Hello Ricky & Rachel

Just made reservations. Dates are 14-19 Apr 21 We’re on site# 3.

Hayden & Gigi

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